Tuesday, July 1, 2014

More Pictures!

Alright...this ones going to be a long one...

The first set of photos are us at Kinombe Military Hospital. For the most part we are doing preventive maintenance (cleaning). This also took place two weeks ago.

Now we are going to switch over to our home in Kigali!

This is Adam (my partner) and Angle.

Here is Thomas. Our house dad who took very good care of us!

 This is Vienne the wife.

 This is the family photo with our housegirl included.

Now we are at Gihundwe Hospital... This next section will give you an idea of all the different types of machinery that has been given to us to fix.

This is the oven I talked about in the last blog.

We hav not fixed this yet. Its a fetal heart monitor.

This is a Weyer infant incubator. The purpose of this device is to act as a safe haven for a baby who was born with birth defects. It can be set to a certain temperature, monitor the babies temperature and heart beat, and it has adjustable humidity. We fixed three of these (the hospital only has 6).

Back to the oven.

This is the view from our hospital. 

This is a nice field I like to read in. Also has a good view of the congo across the lake.

This is the operating room in the hospital. There are two rooms.

This is our BMET (Biomedical Engineering Technician). He speaks great English and helps us around the hospital. 

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