Saturday, May 24, 2014

Howdy from Doha, Qatar!

I am writing this towards the end of my 13 hr layover in Doha, Qatar. In a few hours I will be boarding a plane headed to Rwanda! We only were able to see Doha at night, but it has a beautiful skyline. The temperature was over 100 degrees Fahrenheit at midnight here; I can only imagine what it is like during the day.

On my 12 hr flight from NY to Qatar, I sat in between two Indian men. One was an engineer working for IBM named Gokul and the other was a retired navy Commander for India named Ramakrishnan. From the moment I shook their hands it was like we were instant best friends. The Commander instantly started sharing his life story with me with the help of photos from his giant samsung phone. We came to the part in his life where he mentioned a Guru. Me not knowing the full definition asked for one. This lead into an incredible 3hr talk with both the men over their beliefs and the Hindu way of life. I will further go into this talk on a different blog for I am time rushed at the moment. Goku and I instantly connected on engineering and started sharing our goals and ambitions we wish to conquer using our skill sets. Both these men in the end had very simple explanations for everything they do...everyone is important, and ultimate happiness is in helping others.

Here are some pictures, next stop Rwanda!

Here is the Dallas crew about to take off on our adventure!

 Welcome to the Big Apple

View of Doha skyline on top our 19ish story hotel

Closer view of the Doha skyline

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