Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Working in Gihundwe Hospital

This week we started working in our first of two hospitals, Gihundwe Hospital. We are approximately 10 min to lake Kivu where we witness beautiful sunsets over the mountains of the Congo, and 30 min to Nuyungwe National Park which is strait jungle. Our hospital is a middle sized hospital in Rwandas standards, with 87 pieces of machinery of which 15 are currently out of use. Since being here we have fixed two Nebulizers ( which transform liquid into mist for oral consumption), 1 oven and a lab analyzer. I am currently waiting on a second over to heat to 220 C before I can begin my troubleshooting on it. Life at the hospital is exciting. Its just puzzle after puzzle. Occasionally our BMET/BOSS will receive a call and we have to do a repair while the machine is in use. We fixed a giant lab analyzing machine used to analyze blood samples for HIV. It was a simple fix, the user had the wrong concentration of solution in the machine. Ahead of us lies 4 incubators, 1 dental chair, 4 O2 concentrators, 1 light generator, 1 laundry dryer, 1 pulse oximiter and 1 water purifier. As well as anything else that breaks during our time here. Prayers for wisdom and guidance while going through these machines will be much appreciated.

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